our first major project :: kitchen progress

According to my Instagram feed, we started our kitchen update 24 weeks ago. This has been our first major house project and has taught us a lot more about home improvement and the power of good planning.

In full discloser, it wasn’t suppose to be a major ordeal. It started innocently enough. I had been enjoying cooking last fall and really wanted a new gas burning stove. After the stove we finally selected, and the other new appliances we picked were on backorder for a month, Jason and I started to have conversations. Something like, “if we’re going to get a new stove, we should update the floors now so we won’t have to move the 350 pound beast again.” Then after starting the floors, other conversations like, “if we do the floors we should make sure the tile goes under the cabinets and maybe just patch the cabinets and get a new countertop too.” Well, many conversations like this lead to an almost complete update…new cabinets, ceiling work, and so on. None of which was planned and when you’re trying to do some of the work yourself (with A LOT of help from family…love you all!) and you run into some major set backs, like needing to pull up the entire floor to add new structural support, it leads to living without a kitchen for almost 6 months and still no end!

It’s funny when you forget what it’s like to have a real sink, dishwasher or oven. If we can make it through this the rest has to be easier, right?

A few photos of our progress and how it all started:




Annenberg Estate Palm Spring

It has been a while since I posted, the end of the summer brought a large amount of business travel and the work on the house has been focused on the unglamorous — new electrical, basement water proofing, window replacement. This week, however, Jason and I were able to get away to Palm Springs for a little rest and relaxation! While there we visited the Annenberg Estate – Sunneylands.

Sunneylands is a center and a garden built on the 200-acre Annenberg estate. The historic estate is described as the “Camp David of the west.” It was originally the winter home of Walter and Leonore Annenberg and features a home designed by Quincy Jones. We didn’t get the opportunity to tour the home, but both the garden and the center are beautiful. Jason and I tried to get inspiration for our house, since we’re currently in the process of looking at ground cover rock. Check out some images I took while there; I especially like the one of Jason trying to get an image of his favorite desert plant! Sadly, I don’t think it will grow in our climate.

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food :: summer fruit


I love summer, and not only because it’s warm and sunny, but also because of the abundance of quality produce. Growing up in a farming community taught me to appreciate where food comes from and the value of native and fresh ingredients (Thanks Dad!) Nothing beats a ripe peach plucked right off the tree.

Check out these colors, aren’t they amazing! I hope you love summer as much as I do.

Images by me via Instagram // I’m @kylieroth //

travel :: nyc midtown

ny5   ny4ny6ny3ny1ny2

Last week, I spent the majority of my week in midtown new york. I had dinner at The Modern, inside the MoMA, one night (I highly recommend), and managed to take a few images around the area. I seem to be loving color these days.

I go to Boston this week; if you’re interested to come along on the journey follow me @kylieroth.

from the weekend :: STL art museum


I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. Jason and I spent much of ours working on a bathroom project that proved to be very frustrating. (More on it later)

Yesterday, I decided we needed to end the weekend on a good note and take in a little culture, so we spent the afternoon exploring the new St. Louis Art Museum expansion. If you haven’t been to Forest Park or the Museum in awhile, it is definitely worth the trip.

Jason and I had a good time mimicking some of the art!

Images by me via Instagram // I’m @kylieroth //

house tour :: 7 westwood county club

On Sunday, Jason and I took a drive through one of our favorite areas for “house watching” and happened upon the open house of 7 westwood county club. It was already 3PM, so we didn’t have much time, but I did manage to get a few images.

I don’t know the architect, but the house is cool and in good condition, though it needs some major interior updating. Wait ’til you see the bathrooms….


I loved the windows on either side of the entry… maybe just because they remind me of my logo.


The kitchen was a total throwback to the 50’s. Check out the double Thermador oven! I can only imagine the original owner was a Susie Homemaker type and baked a few pies in that beast.


It’s amazing to me how much detail was put into closets in the 50’s. I guess what closets lacked in size they made up for in function; the “kids” bedroom had a fun slide out desk.

bathroom2 bathroom1 bathroom3

Color, color everywhere. From the purple carpet to the pink and blue toilets the original owners must have loved to bath in style!


Jason was jealous of the basement… and not for the sweet Jutebox or game designed into the floor. The basement was huge, easily bigger than our first house, maybe even double the size!

This property is currently for sale. If you’re looking for an HGTV makeover project this could be your ticket!

from the weekend

This weekend, while Jason enjoyed his first swim in the pool (the water is still too cold for me,) I spent a little time in our yard studying some of the plants. With the abundant amount of rain we’ve received these last few weeks the plants have really started to bloom (take over.)

We learned, Harris planned much of the backyard as an Alpine rock garden. Unfortunately, most of it has been taken over by ivy and is overgrown. I started to uncover the original stonework and hope to someday be able to replant it with Alpine plants.

The front yard, is another story, it has lovingly been maintain by our neighbor’s gardener and looks like it should be part of a Botanical Garden. My only hope with it is to not kill anything!

A few images from the weekend: